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Michiel de Ruiter winning the 10.000 meters in 32.21

It was a long weekend with good weather to optimally perform in an Ultra-Multievent. And 84 athletes did perform well by finishing the Icosathlon for Men or the Tetradecathlon for Woman. Some of them were a highlight on the track to be proud on, like Michiel de Ruiter. On Saturday he tried to break the World Record on the 3000 meters Steeplechase but his time of 9.39,64 was 10 seconds too slow for breaking the World Record of Syrjälä Teppo from Finland. On Sunday he wanted to try it again on the 10.000 meters and he did it with success. In an amazing race he finished in a time of 32.21, exactly 40 seconds faster than the old World Record of the Japanese athlete Ban Takuma.

Also decathlete Joan Estruch (Spain) tried to break a World Record, this time on the 110 meter hurdles. His time of 15,32 was fast but not fast enough to break the record from Kaseorg Indrek in 1990 (14,96). Maybe if there would not have been a headwind of 2,1 m/s he would have been able to break that record. With a total score of 10.824 he was the best Men athlete on the track. The level in Lisse was high with 8 Senior athletes above the 10.000 points.

The best Woman athlete was Sonja Beba from Germany. With a score of 7740 points she won in the Woman category.

Results Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents, Lisse 2011
Donato Cinque Openingceremony
Hubert Heuzen Openingceremony
Hans Bruins Openingceremony
Joke Nederpelt Openingceremony
Erki pictures day 1
Erki pictures day 2
Donato Cinque day 2

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Dutch statistics

Left above: Florian Grasl enjoying the food of ‘New York Pizza’
Right above: Volunteers working hard in their ‘L.J. Sport’ shirt
All athletes in their ‘Avery Dennison’ jacket on a grouppicture
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Expected weather for Lisse



17 °C
13 °C

33 km/u


0 mm

21 °C
11 °C

16 km/u


0 mm

26 °C
14 °C

28 km/u


0.1 mm

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5 weeks to go…

Less than five weeks to go to the start of the 22th ‘Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents’. For some athletes the extra condition training will start, for others it is the right moment  to go on holiday and take rest to be optimally fit. The organization is really looking forward to meet all of you on the track at August 20/21 and hopes that everybody will be in their best shape. To inform you all about our athletes we have written a preview. You can read the preview here.

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Running Jack

With pleasure we can tell you that all athletes participating the Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents will receive a functional Rogelli Running Jack, unprinted with a value of € 46.90,- for free. The jack will be printed with all the disciplines and the full name of the event.

Therefore, we want to thank Sport 2000 for their huge discount and our main sponsor Avery Dennison for their financial help to make this possible for all athletes.

The participants can check if their given size is correct by downloading the following documents. Please let us know soon if you want to change your size.

Running Jack – Men athletes – Woman athletes

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Promo video

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National Students Championships

National Students Championships


Last week the National Students Championships were held in Groningen. A lot of Ultra-Multievents athletes were present and achieved great results. Some of them even gain a medal, like Ronald Kuin (2), Joey Blangé, Joni van Loon, Dennis Coehoorn, Ruud van Noort (2) and Myrthe Muilwijk. Even Cedric Bouele was on the track to encourage the athletes. To see all the results of the athletes participating in Lisse, click here.

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A new car is born…!

A new car is born...!

Avery Dennison, main sponsor of our event in August, proudly shows us a brand new car with a look designed specifically for our Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents. As you can see, the photo shows athletes competing in a previous World Championship. These kinds of car wraps typically can be made with products of the Graphics and Reflectives Division of Avery Dennison. PPP Poster Print Publi gently designed the look of this car. Erik van Leeuwen and Kees van der Dussen made the photos shown on it. More about this car, its reflective look by night, photos and how you can win a bottle of wine you find here.

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Hotel De Nachtegaal

Hotel De Nachtegaal

Athletes and fans have the possibility to sleep in Hotel De Nachtegaal during the event with some discount. De Nachtegaal is a 4-star hotel in the Dutch Bulb Region, one mile from the Keukenhof Gardens and 30 minute drive from Amsterdam. The hotel is easy accessible from Schiphol Airport by bus. You can read more information in the menu-item ‘Accomodation’.

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5th Indoor Tetradecathlon Helsinki

5th Indoor Tetradecathlon Helsinki

Last weekend was the 5th Indoor Tetradecathlon in Helsinki. There were 29 participants from all over the world. Sixteen of them are subscribed for the Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents in Lisse.

Joni van Loon (7280 points) from the Netherlands was the winner in the Men Open Class group. Second athlete was Jeroen Habers (6452 points) who broke the World Record for Neo-Senior athletes. Mikko Huttunen (7555 points) brokes the European Record for M35. You can find all the results here.

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Participants lists

As all of you know a lot of people subscribed for the World Championships. Therefore it takes a lot of time to select and discuss the participants. We decided to expand the number of Men participants to 84 instead of 72.

We are proud we can host 84 Men and 24 Woman athletes but unfortunately, we must also dissapoint 29 other athletes. Everybody can trust the lists, since they are accurately made.

All athletes on the waiting lists have a real chance to participate because history shows us that there where a lot of cancellations each year (Delft 2009 more than 30). So don’t give up!

You can find all the participants lists here.

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Main sponsor

The organisation of the Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra Multievents is proud to present you the main sponsor of the event. As a small introduction, please find hereby a characterisation of Avery Dennison.

About Avery Dennison
Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY) helps make brands more inspiring and the world more intelligent.  For more than 75 years the company has been a global leader in pressure-sensitive technology and materials, retail branding and information solutions, and organization and identification products for offices and consumers.  A FORTUNE 500 company with sales of $6.5 billion in 2010, Avery Dennison is based in Pasadena, California and has employees in over 60 countries. For more information, visit

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Official opening

Castle Keukenhof

As announced on our twitter page, the location for the official opening is known.

As organisation, we are very proud we can host all the athletes on a beautifull unique historical place at walking distance of the athletic track.

The opening will be in one of the side-buildings of Castle Keukenhof: “Het koetshuis”, an authentic place with a unique athmosphere. More information will be publiced later on this website.

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Social networksites

It is important to be present on the social networksites. So, from now on you can also follow the Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents in Lisse on Twitter, Facebook and Hyves. At the right side of this website you can find the buttons to facilitate this and help to promote this event.

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From now on, we are going to regularly place an interview held by Jeroen Habers with a person in some way connected with the Double Decathlon world. Everybody is eligible to be interviewed. We would like to interview a broad range of persons, so we are going to talk with people who will participate for the first time in the Double Decathlon, famous Double Decathlon athletes, volunteers in the Double Decathlon world, organisors and much more!

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World record Double Decathlon beaten by Joe Detmer!

The new World record holder, Joe Detmer!

The American athlete Joe Detmer set a new world record on the Double Decathlon. Hope to see this athlete next year on the World Championships in the Netherlands!


The decathlon All-American during his collegiate career at Wisconsin tallied 14,571 points in his 20 events, shattering Kip Janvrin’s world double decathlon record by 386 points. Janvrin, a 2000 U.S. Olympian in the decathlon, had set the mark of 14,185 at the 2002 World Championships in Finland.

Detmer opened the competition with a bang Friday morning, clocking 10.93 seconds for the 100-meter dash and long jumping 7.30. Both marks were the best ever posted in a double decathlon. Some of Detmer’s other exceptional performances included a 2:02.23 in the 800, a 1.98 high jump, a 50.43 in the 400, a 15-11 pole vault, a 53.83 in the 400 hurdles and a 4:26.66 in the 1,500. Read more.

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Flag counter

free counters

Today we can show you a new application, the ‘Flag Counter’. The counter shows us the number of unique visitors on our website, including their country. If you click on the image you can see more statistics of this website. With this application we can see which nationalities are most frequently checking this website.

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The subscription is open

The subscription for the Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents 2011 is open.

There will be a maximum of three groups of 24 male athletes (total 72) and one group of 24 female athletes. Registration for each age category is possible.

For more information, please take a look at the registrations page.

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The flyer is ready

Avery Dennison World Championship Ultra-Multievents



We are proud to show you our flyer of the Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents. The flyer is available in Dutch. Please sent the flyer to all people potentially interested in this event. To download the flyer, see the link below:

Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents

Made possible by Gusti de Schipper.

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WC Double Decathlon takes place in Lisse 2011

The athletic track in Lisse

The World Championship in Lynchburg (USA) on 24 and 25 September 2010 are far away but the preparations in Lisse can start. Today the creator of the Double Decathlon, Risto Karasmaa, told us that the next World Championship will be in the Netherlands again.

After a succesfull organisation of Delft in 2009, Lisse will host the event in 2011. Jeroen Habers, Marnix Engels, Kees van der Dussen and Rik Cederhout will coordinate it and will organise an unforgettable World Championship.

The event will take place on 20 and 21 August 2011 in honour of the fiftieth anniversary of the athletic club ‘De Spartaan’. More news will appear soon on the new website, Check this website regularly to be aware of the latest news. Hope to see you next year in the Netherlands!!

The organisation


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