Posted by: Habers | September 26, 2010

World record Double Decathlon beaten by Joe Detmer!

The new World record holder, Joe Detmer!

The American athlete Joe Detmer set a new world record on the Double Decathlon. Hope to see this athlete next year on the World Championships in the Netherlands!


The decathlon All-American during his collegiate career at Wisconsin tallied 14,571 points in his 20 events, shattering Kip Janvrin’s world double decathlon record by 386 points. Janvrin, a 2000 U.S. Olympian in the decathlon, had set the mark of 14,185 at the 2002 World Championships in Finland.

Detmer opened the competition with a bang Friday morning, clocking 10.93 seconds for the 100-meter dash and long jumping 7.30. Both marks were the best ever posted in a double decathlon. Some of Detmer’s other exceptional performances included a 2:02.23 in the 800, a 1.98 high jump, a 50.43 in the 400, a 15-11 pole vault, a 53.83 in the 400 hurdles and a 4:26.66 in the 1,500. Read more.



  1. Looking for information about Robert Ingham double decathlon champion 2003 or 2004?

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