Posted by: Habers | April 13, 2011

5th Indoor Tetradecathlon Helsinki

5th Indoor Tetradecathlon Helsinki

Last weekend was the 5th Indoor Tetradecathlon in Helsinki. There were 29 participants from all over the world. Sixteen of them are subscribed for the Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents in Lisse.

Joni van Loon (7280 points) from the Netherlands was the winner in the Men Open Class group. Second athlete was Jeroen Habers (6452 points) who broke the World Record for Neo-Senior athletes. Mikko Huttunen (7555 points) brokes the European Record for M35. You can find all the results here.



  1. Gefeliciteerd, mannen!

    • Bedankt! Ben jij ook ooit nog eens van plan een indoor 14kamp te gaan doen?

  2. Ooit wel, maar vind de timing altijd zo ongelukkig met de start van het outdoorseizoen…

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