Posted by: Habers | June 8, 2011

National Students Championships

National Students Championships


Last week the National Students Championships were held in Groningen. A lot of Ultra-Multievents athletes were present and achieved great results. Some of them even gain a medal, like Ronald Kuin (2), Joey Blangé, Joni van Loon, Dennis Coehoorn, Ruud van Noort (2) and Myrthe Muilwijk. Even Cedric Bouele was on the track to encourage the athletes. To see all the results of the athletes participating in Lisse, click here.



  1. He, I am spotting the beautiful car…who won the bottle of wine over there in Groningen? ;-).

    Cedric, how come you were in Groningen of all places?

    There is no working link above (at least not in my ver old browser here at work)


  2. Hi Toine,

    Please waith some time 🙂 I am writing the page right now..

    Bye Jeroen

  3. Hello Toine & Cie,

    I did ​​a small trip in northern Europe by hitchhiking ( and when I was in Groningen, I went to the stadium to support and meet the athletes. Joni was awesome (six events and three PB I think) and Joey ran the 3000m steeplechase as a champion, amazing ! The competition of Lisse promises to be exciting.
    Jeroen introduced me places in Lisse and I’m sure it will be really great.
    Have all a good preparation, the beginning is already in two months…

    Best regards,


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