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Michiel de Ruiter winning the 10.000 meters in 32.21

It was a long weekend with good weather to optimally perform in an Ultra-Multievent. And 84 athletes did perform well by finishing the Icosathlon for Men or the Tetradecathlon for Woman. Some of them were a highlight on the track to be proud on, like Michiel de Ruiter. On Saturday he tried to break the World Record on the 3000 meters Steeplechase but his time of 9.39,64 was 10 seconds too slow for breaking the World Record of Syrjälä Teppo from Finland. On Sunday he wanted to try it again on the 10.000 meters and he did it with success. In an amazing race he finished in a time of 32.21, exactly 40 seconds faster than the old World Record of the Japanese athlete Ban Takuma.

Also decathlete Joan Estruch (Spain) tried to break a World Record, this time on the 110 meter hurdles. His time of 15,32 was fast but not fast enough to break the record from Kaseorg Indrek in 1990 (14,96). Maybe if there would not have been a headwind of 2,1 m/s he would have been able to break that record. With a total score of 10.824 he was the best Men athlete on the track. The level in Lisse was high with 8 Senior athletes above the 10.000 points.

The best Woman athlete was Sonja Beba from Germany. With a score of 7740 points she won in the Woman category.

Results Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents, Lisse 2011
Donato Cinque Openingceremony
Hubert Heuzen Openingceremony
Hans Bruins Openingceremony
Joke Nederpelt Openingceremony
Erki pictures day 1
Erki pictures day 2
Donato Cinque day 2

If you have more pictures, please sent the link to

Dutch statistics

Left above: Florian Grasl enjoying the food of ‘New York Pizza’
Right above: Volunteers working hard in their ‘L.J. Sport’ shirt
All athletes in their ‘Avery Dennison’ jacket on a grouppicture


  1. Go Callum from NZ!! Do the Palmerston North Club proud. Dman

    • Go Callum!!!!!! As Dman said do us proud!!! Lots of luv from ya Sister

  2. De toppers Koops en Meijer gaan goed.

  3. Ben benieuwd!

  4. Ben trots op mijn zoon, Martin!
    En ook op Hans natuurlijk 😉

  5. Misschien een hele domme vraag maar ik kan het niet zo snel vinden waar zijn de uitslagen te vinden?
    ik ben benieuwd!

  6. From now on the website will be regularly updated!

  7. Shot callum, run your way into first. Liam

  8. geweldige toppers van Jahn II , Met trots naar de voorlopige uitslag gekeken!!! Geweldig.

  9. Ik heb van huis uit getracht de 20 kamp te volgen, maar dat was niet erg gemakkelijk. Nu zit ik wanhopig naar de einduitslag te zoeken. Waar kan ik die vinden ?

    • Same here!

  10. There were some issues with the final result, because the 10km wasn’t part of the final score of some of the athletes. I think that’s why it takes some more time to publish them correctly. So we’re still waiting who finally took the Belgian record: Tom or Wouter…

    • Hoop dat de juiste tijden nog boven water komen!

  11. Goooo Callum. You are awesome!!

  12. Wanneer zullen de foto’s ongeveer op de site te vinden zijn? 🙂

    • De eerste staan er al op 🙂

  13. Whatever the official result will be for me, I managed to be the first Norwegian senior to complete an official double decathlon! Hopefully, more Norwegian “Vikings” will participate next year so the record will be improved additionally =) Thanks to everybody for this fantastic weekend in Lisse!

  14. Thanks Jeroen and all the other volunteers for organising this fantastic event. You really did a great job!

    Though my own double decathlon didn’t completely went as I hoped for, I really enjoyed the past weekend. All these athletics lovers (maniacs!) gathering once a year…, it gives a great athmosphere and spirit.

    For dutch readers, Erki wrote a nice story here:

    I’m very curious where the WCh will be held in 2012?

    Jeroen, one thing I don’t completely agree with you:
    “The level in Lisse was high…”. Maybe the number of seniors that scored over 10,000 points, but we haven’t seen a world champion in this event that did not score over 11,000 points for a long time.

    • Is the level of the event descided by only one person? We have a World Champion with the lowest points on a World Championships ever, but we have the highest amount of athletes above 10.000 points ever!! The real favorite was not on track but that’s makes it more and more exciting who was going to win. Normally there are only 3-6 persons above 10.000p. Great performance everybody!

      I guess the next World Championships will be held in Italy, but I am not sure.

      • Jeroen, at the risk of distracting of what it is all about in this event, having fun, hereby a reaction to your reaction on the level:
        Is 10,000 points high level?
        I’ve discussed it once with Marnix how you can compare scores in the double decathlon with the (single) decathlon (coincidence, Marnix and I both had the same math teacher in high school, Joop van der Vaart!).
        We thought (though I don’t know if Marnix still agrees) that a score of 12,000 points is comparable to 7,000 points. The following formula then fits quite nicely:
        score double decathlon = 2 * (score decathlon) – 2000 points; or,
        score decathlon= double decathlon / 2 + 1000 points.
        This means for example that the current dd world record of 14,571 is comparable to a performance of 8,285 in the decathlon.
        It also means that a score of 10,000 in the double dec is comparable to 6,000 in the single dec, and the score of the winner, 10,824 is comparable to 6,412. To me, 6,412 points doesn’t feel as high level, that starts somewhere around 7,000 points. But of course, this is different for everyone.

      • I agree with Lars Janssen and Marnix’s formula my double decathlon and decathlon best are actually very close and comparible. The overall standard was good this year with so many reaching the 10,000 points. I am glad to be back on track participating after a 7 year break! however, to compete the target and winning standard should be over 11k points in my view. It is a great event and an achievment just finish for most athletes.

        Jeroen, congratualtions to you and the organisation for delivering a great event this year. It was very memorable, well managed and superb atmosphere. I am glad to have taken part.

        Now back in training for Delft! 😉

  15. Thanks Jeroen and all the volunteers for a great weekend. I’m really pleased to have been able to take part and to meet so many great athletes and even better people. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone was incredibly friendly, and even the sporting rivalry was positive and encouraging. What an incredible event. Obviously every one of the participants is completely mad and if you see me at another double decathlon please shoot me rather than send me to the psychiatric hospital. Well done everyone and good luck to you all.

    • I also like to thank the organization and all the volunteers, they also made the good atmosphere. And I agree with you Bernard, you have to be a little mad to do all this. It was a nice competition in our group, you should do it again.

  16. Hi,

    so if it is tru what Marnix, Lars and Lee are saying, than i have a very very very bad Decathlon record of 4895Points. while i am over 10.000point during double decathlon.
    i think it depands in what sort of athlete you are. nr 1 and nr 2 of this year were the opposite of eachother. Ronald has 5500points of Decathlon.

    i like the Math part before, during and after the event:)

    my question:
    for each performance there is a amounth of points (it is in a book called scoring tables) now i can find the total decathlon points, but i can not find them for double decathlon points. is there any yet???

    of te wel: waar staat mijn 10.132punten voor tijdens de 20-kamp, genoeg voor hoeveel punten volgens het punten boekje?

    and this weekend was a dream, which i am never gonna forget:):)

    gr Joni

    • Hi Joni,

      – It depends from your point of view! You can also say: “I’ve got a very good DD record, considering my decathlon best of 4895 points.”
      – I totally agree on your remark on the number 1 and 2 of last weekend. Physically totally different type of athletes. Estruch a typical decathlete, and Ronald a typical double decathlete (less explosive, and with more endurance, with quite good technical skills; same type of athlete like Marnix Engels and David Purdon). Always gives an interesting competition, a battle between these type of athletes.
      – I don’t understand your question completely… Maybe this is the answer. For every event a formula determines how much points is earned in the event. You probably know the website where you can calculate your dd score:
      On this website they use these formulas for the calulation. The book with scoring tables you refer to, is also based on formulas. As far as I know, there is no scoring table book for dd (a scoring table book is a bit old-fashioned, as you can now easily enter your scores online).
      Your decathlon total the past weekend was 4796 points (simply at up the scores for the dec. events., normally this is already done by the one who publishes the results). So close to your dec pb! Well done.

  17. Hoi Lars,
    je hebt 1x per jaar een prestatie beker. en daar wordt de hoogste punten aantallen met elkaar vergeleken. nu heb je voor het 10-kamp totaal ook een aantal punten staan. maar de prestatie 20-kamp de vraag bestaan die? dat voor je prestatie op de 20-kamp een aantal punten staan?
    bestaan die?

    gr Joni

    • Onderdelen met elkaar vergelijken op basis van punten zoals die in de competitie gebruikt kunnen worden is lastig. Zo is een 10-kamptotaal niet door 10 te delen en dan te vergelijken met losse onderdelen. Mijn 10-kamp pr heb ik ook niet kunnen verbreken (5142 tegen 5563) maar dat is ook logisch met een 1500m na 16 ipv 9 onderdelen.


      ps. The suitability of the formula depends on wether you are a technical athlete or a runner. For Joan 7.200*2-2000=12.200 which exceeds his achievement but for me my decathlon PB of 5600 should result in 9200. For next year I will try to be a bit more explosive 🙂

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