5 weeks to go…

Less than five weeks to go to the start of the 22th ‘Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents’. For some athletes the extra condition training will start, for others it is the right moment  to go on holiday and take rest to be optimally fit. The organization is really looking forward to meet all of you on the track at August 20/21 and hopes that everybody will be in their best shape. To inform you all about our athletes we have written a preview. You can read the preview here.

The Senior Men category is really an exciting group. Not only because of the 34 athletes participating but more because there is no real favorite in this group. There are athletes that have the potential to break a World Record on an individual discipline in the Icosathlon.

 Joan Estruch: Joan Estruch is 27 years old and lives in Spain. Participating in an Icosathlon has always been a dream of Joan and he will give 100% to obtain a medal. With an amazing score of 7.159 points he is the best decathlete starting in Lisse. He would be satisfied with a score of 11.000 points on the Icosathlon. Earlier this year he reached the 23th place on the European Cup Combined Events in Italy with a score of 6.589 points. Possibly Estruch will be able to break the World Record on the 110 meters hurdles of Kaseorg Indrek (Estonia). With a decathlon best of 14,28 seconds the 21 years old World Record of 14,96 seconds seems possible.

 Marti Soosaar: Another good (ex)-decathlete, this time from Estonia, is the 33 year old Marti Soosaar. In 2002 he reached 7.031 points on the decathlon and after that he has participated in popular runs like 10.000 meters, half-marathons and marathons. Of course he is not in the shape he had 9 years ago but with his improved distances it looks like he is competing for medals. Unfortunately he has twisted his ankle in the beginning of July so he missed some training.

 Etienne Bouden: Also new in the Icosathlon is the 22 years old Etienne Bouden, he is the first France athlete participating in an Icosathlon ever. His best score on the decathlon is 6.035 points and he looks like an all-round athlete. Would he be able to compete with the other guys?

 Lee Manvell: Lee Manvell of Great-Britain is 30 years old and previous winner of the Icosathlon in Delft 2004 with a score of 11.025 points. He is most of all a runner but is inspired again to come back in track and field. His target is to reach 11.000 points again, his speed reduced over the years but he has been working on the longer distances.

 Callum McConachy: This 25 years old decathlete from New-Zealand participated one time before in an Icosathlon. He became forth on the World Championships in the United States last year with a honourable score of 10.304 points. With this first experience in mind and hopefully better temperatures then in Lynchburg, the 11.000 points limit looks feasible.

 Arne Schumann: Arne Schumann from Germany is 22 years old and booked a lot of progression in the last three years. In 2010 he became second on the European Championships in Löwenberg. Three weeks later he has broken his own Icosathlon personal best on the one day Icosathlon in Scheessel. His performance of 10.217 was a new One Day Icosathlon World Record in the Neo-Senior category. He expects to be able to reach his target of 11.000 or even 11.500 points in Lisse.

 Wouter Decraene: Wouter Decraene is the Belgium Record holder Icosathlon with 10.058 points. His goal for this event is to improve his own record substantially. Earlier this year he jumped 4,10 meters with pole vault. Would he be able to set the Belgium record to 11.000 points?

 Ralph Jacobs: Ralph Jacobs looks like the big favorite from the Netherlands. This 27 years old athlete has participated each year an Icosathlon since 2008. He reached his personal best in 2009 and became third of the World with an score of 10.667 points. He is really looking forward to show the Dutch public his talents and to break the magical limit of 11.000 points.


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