A new car is born…!

A new car is born...!

Avery Dennison, main sponsor of our event in August, proudly shows us a brand new car with a look designed specifically for our Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents. As you can see, the photo shows athletes competing in a previous World Championship. These kinds of car wraps typically can be made with products of the Graphics and Reflectives Division of Avery Dennison. PPP Poster Print Publi gently designed the look of it. Erik van Leeuwen and Kees van der Dussen made the photos shown on this car.

The right hand side of the car.

This company car for the next coming months will be driving through the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and more, bringing Avery Dennison employees to their customers or suppliers, advertising the announcement of our event. So every day you have a chance to spot it, and believe us, you won’t miss it if it passes by!

That’s why our organisation will handpick three lucky winners of a bottle of wine from those who have spotted the car. The rules are as follows:

  • Only participants of the championship can email to the organisation that they (or their family members, friends etc.) have spotted the car.
  • Only spots made on a working day (so not on weekends or bankholidays) that are announced within three days to the organisation count.
  • A spot means telling where the car was, at what time, and which day.
  • Only spots outside of the province of ‘Zuid-Holland’ count.
  • So only participants can win, but of course their friends and family members can look for them…
  • Spotting can be done until the opening on the tournament on August, 19.

The car by night.

A special feature on this car can be seen by night. Avery Dennison Reflective films have been used in parts of the design. As you can see on the photos this gives a very special effect. The ‘Spartaan 50’th anniversary logo’, the Avery Dennison logo and the announcement of the tournament are made from reflective films, which means they show up very brightly at night. On the sides of the car even parts of the photos are designed in reflective, giving a very special effect. This way the car becomes very eye catching, also by night. Below you see more pictures of the car.





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