Because of unknown reasons subscriptors Daniel Breiter (Germany) and Daniele Manca (Italy) can not receive this email. If you know them, please tell to look on this website.


Dear athletes,

Thank you for subscribing for the 22th World Championships Double Decathlon and Heptathlon in Lisse! The event on 20/21 August 2011 is still far away but in a few weeks we got an amazing number of subscriptions. The preparations are in full swing and the organizing team is working hard to set an unforgettable World Championships.

This mail is to inform you about the recent developments regarding the competition. All can be found at as well. If you have subscribed another athlete to the competition, please forward this email to him/her and if possible send me the email address.

Entry rules: In the last weeks we have discussed the entry rules in the organization because of the huge number of men subscriptions, 84! Next to the performance limits we decided to allow at least two athletes from each country. Therewith we want to make the event as international as possible. The World Champions of the last 5 years are also allowed to participate. To read all the rules please take a look at the registrations page. In the (unexpected) case of conflicting rules the organization has a final say.

Competitors: After discussion with R. Karasmaa it was decided to handle the IAAF rules for the age categories. This means we will look to the date of birth in the Master categories and the year of birth in the Junior categories. Watch the competitors page for more information about this and to check your own subscription. Is there is something wrong, please contact us.

Age limit: Because of safety and responsibility for safety for the participants of the tournament we set an age limit of 18 years to participate. Given the yearly increasing size of this event it becomes more and more demanding to secure optimal safety for the participants. Safety and security has the highest possible attention of the organizing athletic club. All participants will be requested to sign a paper at the official opening to confirm and agree that participation is at the participants own risk. This paper will be published on the website before the selection of the athletes.

Deadlines: We will make a participants list with the subscriptions we received at April 1, 2011 and we will publish it in the days thereafter, including a waiting list. The participants must pay the entry fee of 50 euro before 1 June 2011 on a later to be published bank account. If you are not able to participate because of injuries you get a 25 euro refund of your entry if you unsubscribe before 17 July 2011. More at the registrations page.

Entry fee: The entry fee of 50 euro includes a participation in the official opening of the event including dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You will also get a Double Decathlon T-shirt in the size you requested during subscription, and a starting number with your own name. More information about the official opening and the entry fee will soon be available on the website.

Interviews: Starting October 2, we regularly placed an interview on the website with a person in some way connected with the Double Decathlon world. Everybody is eligible to be interviewed. Curious about the reason why Cédric Bouele stops with the Double Decathlon or why ex-European recordholder on the 3000 meter Steeplechase Simon Vroemen is going to participate? You can find the interviews on the interview page. The next interviews will be with Juan Estruch and Risto Karasmaa.

Flyer: To promote the event we made a flyer. The flyer is available in Dutch and English. Please sent the flyer to all people potentially interested in this event.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jeroen Habers


Dear sportfriends,

Today, the last day before the ‘hot’ 2011 the new website layout for the Double Decathlon is in the air.

I invite you to take a look at it and to enjoy the possibilities of twitter, facebook, hyves and all the features that are included now.

I wish you all a very healthy, happy and sportminded 2011 with hopefully a lot of fun in the Double Decathlon event in Lisse in August 2011!




Dear athletes,

time flies, and as you know very soon the deadline of subscription for the double-decathlon will be reached. It is possible to subscribe until April 1, 2011, so March 31 is the last possible day.
This means, that when you are aware of any potential participants that have not yet subscribed, you may want tell them to quickly make up their minds.

Soon after April 1, the committee that decides on who can participate will come together, so that shortly after that the participants list will be published and also the people on the waiting list will be informed.

We are still having room for more female participants. We would be honoured when there would be a substantial number of female participants, our aim is to have 24 women, so still a few to go. We would like to encourage any woman that is still in doubt, please be with us on this unforgettable global event. You will never forget it!

Thanks all of you for your subscriptions and looking forward to a fantastic event!

Jeroen Habers


Dear athletes,

As most of you have seen on the website the participants lists are published. We decided to expand the number of Men athletes to 84 instead of 72. Curious how we can handle so much participants? Check out the temporary time schedule on the website.

Athletes and fans have the possibility to sleep in Hotel De Nachtegaal during the event with some discount. De Nachtegaal is a 4-star hotel in the Dutch Bulb Region, one mile from the Keukenhof Gardens and 30 minute drive from Amsterdam. The hotel is easy accessible from Schiphol Airport by bus. You can read more information in the menu-item ‘Accomodation’.

Last but not least, we want to remember you the date of closure for paying the entry fee. All the participants have to pay the entry fee of € 50 before May 6, 2011. If payment is not received at May 6, 2011, you will be put on the bottom of the waiting list and the first person of the waiting list will be allowed to participate. You can find more information on the website.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jeroen Habers


Dear athletes,

We want to remember some of you the date of closure for paying the entry fee is almost reached. All the participants have to pay the entry fee of € 50 before May 6, 2011. If payment is not received at May 6, 2011, you will be put on the bottom of the waiting list and the first person of the waiting list will be allowed to participate. We will strictly follow this rule because of the waiting list we have. You can find more information about the payment on the website.

Furthermore I would like it to notice that we just publish a new interview with the founder of the Double Decathlon and the Double Heptathlon, Risto Karasmaa! A nice interview with also some historical parts of the Ultra-Multievents.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Jeroen Habers



  1. Thank you all…. volunteers, officials, sponsors, massage and organizers of avSpartaan for the splendid job you did in organizing the double decathlon world championship 2011 this weekend. I was a rooky this time but really enjoyed the whole event and especially the friendly atmosphere in total.
    Also thanks to all spectators who came to cheer up all the athletes and especially the wonderfull esperiences on this during the 3000 steeple and the 10K-run.
    I had a great time, satisfying results and hardly any physical problems today.

    Best regards Dirk Jan /DJ avNOVA-Netherlands

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