Cedric Bouele

Full Name : Cédric Bouele
Date of birth : November 8, 1985
Domicile : Delémont, Switzerland
Weight : 68 kg
Height : 1.75 m

Athletics beginning : 1994
Club : Cross et Athlétisme Delémont
Coach : myself
Work : Social worker
Hobbies : Sport, Geography, History, …
Favorite food : Potatoes

Number of Double Decathlon’s ever participated : 8 outdoor (1 one-day) and 3 indoor (2 one-day)

Best Double Decathlon events : Long runs with or without barriers (400m H, 3 000m SC, 5 000m, 10 000m)

Best Double Decathlon total : 9 403 points in 2008 (with 0 point in Hammer Throw)

  • When and where did you participate in your first Double Decathlon and how did you get in contact with the world of ultra multievents?

In June 2007, I did a competition in Switzerland with Pino Pilotto (M55). It is a very good friend and a tremendous athlete ! He found on Internet that there was a competition a little crazy involving the 20 events of athletics. The place was in Löwenberg, in the north of Berlin, 28 and 29th July 2007. I told myself : “why not, let’s go.” It was then arranged to meet in Germany to do our first double decathlon (icosathlon). There were not many athletes, but I enjoyed the atmosphere and fair play prevailed there. It was so great that I went to Jyväskylä (Finland) one month later.

  • What is your most beautiful Double Decathlon experience?

In Jyväskylä, on Sunday night (after the competition), we all went with a small boat on a small island, swim in a lake lit by the moon and eating grilled over a fire. It was magical. The double decathlon competitions, it is not only 20 events, there is also meetings and moments of intense sharing.
On the track, I also appreciate the last lap of 10’000m when we accompany all together the last competitor. There is always a lot of emotions.

Anecdotally, in September 2010 in Delft, on Sunday morning, I saw a scene that I liked : At the same time, the seniors men were throwing the discus, masters and women were jumping in pole vault and young sprinters were running 60m. Athletics is a beautiful sport !

  • What is your worst Double Decathlon experience?

I have mainly two major regrets.

The first is having 0 point in the hammer throw in Scheessel (2008) because I finally got my best result with 19 events (9403 points).

The second is to be dropped in the 400m hurdles in Delft (2010) because I wanted to run in 59 or 60 seconds and I finished in 65”25 (total : 9399 points).

I know I have the potential to get 9600 or 9700 points, but not 10000. Maybe when I will be a master with the factors 🙂

  • In your last Double Decathlon in Delft you got a fracture in your hand with pole vault. What happened and how long do you expect to revalidate?

Yes, but that is not extraordinary. In fact, I held my pole too high and the effect of extending me thrown off the mattress on track cleats. I managed the jump, but not the landing. I am indeed fractured the scaphoid bone of my right hand (I knew the diagnosis on Sunday nignt in the hospital). I was hot and I could (I wanted) to continue to do the next events including the javelin throw, but at the evening, after showering, I had severe pain and an organizer led me to the hospital.

I currently have a cast for an indefinite period (probably still a week to redo the exams). But all is well, don’t worry.

  • Which person is most important for your Double Decathlon career, and why?

I think Pino Pilotto and Risto Karasmaa. Pino because it made me discover double decathlon and we have practiced several competitions together (2 outdoor and 3 indoor). Then Risto because he trusted me to update the statistics. He did an incredible job since 1981 (!) and he still continues. These two people are exemplary for me.

  • In 2007 your start with making online statistics. Do you like this work and why did you started with it?

In August 2007, I met Risto for the first time in Jyväskylä. I felt that the double decathlon was little known, despite all his efforts. I wanted to help him because I like statistics. We have done better knowledge and during the indoor tetradecathlon (double heptathlon) of Helsinki in March 2008, he gave me some documents allowing me to continue working. I then created all the statistics indoor (one month of work) and for share the lists, I needed a website. So I created a website to post the statistics online. This first site was :http://tetradecathlon.over-blog.com

I studied social work at the University of Applied Sciences in Western Switzerland in Fribourg and Lausanne from September 2007 to July 2010 and next to my studies, I developed the statistics of the IAUM (International Association for Ultra Multievents). I wanted that the association be better known and I’m heavily invested. Step by step, with the statistics, I created other documents (history, world champions, links, …) and now everything is published at : www.icosathlon.com

I collaborate regularly with Risto (and others such as Marnix Engels, Yukio Sasano, …) and the team works well.

  • Now you are going to leave the Double Decathlon and your home country for several years or months. What are your plans?

Yes Jeroen. I am a little sad, but I have other projects in my life. During 3 years I have participated actively in the development of the IAUM and I think I was a small (useful) drop in the ocean. When I met Risto in 2007, I wanted to help. I spent many days (and nights) to update statistics and other documents. It became a passion but I have another project since 2003. Since there, I had the project to go abroad when my studies will be finished. In July 2010, I graduated and I am now a social worker.

However, before starting work and finish when I will be 65 years old (!), I would like have a break between the end of my studies and the beginning of the working life. Thus, in January 2011, I will leave my home country for some years abroad mainly for traveling. I have a project I been brewing for several years and now is the time.

What are my plans ? I don’t want to reveal everything yet … 😉

That is the big question. The main website will always www.icosathlon.net (Risto’s website) and on my website, I think that I can not update statistics while I’m abroad (I’ll be nomad). The PDF statistics will be no longer updated (it takes a lot of time), but the originals excel files may be requested by e-mail. Contact me also if your are interested to update the statistics ! I met very competent people who can take over. Don’t hesitate.

In conclusion, www.icosathlon.com website will be not updated since 2011 for an indefinite period (minimum 3 years). I don’t know yet if the other updates (news, calendar, photos, …) will also be involved.

I’m heavily invested during 3 years and now I continue to move forward in life, but I change of route.

  • Do you think you will ever participate a Double Decathlon again, and when?

Ah ah … it’s not impossible that I come back on the track when I will be in the master age group !

  • Which aspect of the event will you miss most?

The double decathlon is a great family for me. Many people will miss me, but practicing athletics is also something that I missed. I started athletics in 1994 and I have competed every year. I will have the annoyance of many feelings that graced many days of competition. The pistols shots that shred the silence, the support of the spectators, the records that are beaten, the finals sprints to the end, ”the guts into tears”, … In two days, I practice 20 events, but I live also 20 different emotions ! It is an “icosa-emotions” !

  • What do you think of the World Championships 2011 in Lisse and do you have some recommendations for the organisors?

I am glad that there is already more than 50 competitors. It’s incredible ! It’s in 11 months and I’m sure it will be unforgettable World Championships. But I hope the competition will not shadow of the competition of Delft to be held normally one month later. I also hope that there will be many women (lack of female athletes is a current problem) and the organizers will find a solution, but I’m confident.

  • What do you think of the future of the Double Decathlon? Will it grow more and more or will it stay at this level?

The double decathlon was born in 1981 thanks to Risto Karasmaa. The growth of this sport was amazing and the creation of the IAUM in 2003 gave wings. To continue have the IAUM competent, you need a solid base. A central committee is especially important. First, we must know what wish become the long-term IAUM. Compete with the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) ? I don’t think so and personally, I prefer that events always bathed in a warm, friendly and homely. I think this is a special feature of this sport and I want it that way while still developing better organisation of the Committee.

  • Do you think the Double Decathlon is more sensitive for getting injuries then other athletic events?

I think there are more injuries in football than in athletics, for example. But I’m not the best witness because I have a hand in a cast from the pole vault (laughs…). Seriously, the double decathlon is a sport that requires minimal preparation. Personally, I am careful to feed me well and sleep well the weeks before a competition. Athletics is a sport finally easy and accessible to everyone. To apply the Olympic motto “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (Faster, higher, stronger), you need just to practice. It’s easy to say, but I always thought I could still do better, always better. I’m very persevering, and sometimes too … 🙂

  • What is the last thing you want to tell to all the readers of this interview?

It was a friendly interview but I always do an effort to speak English (I usually speak French). Yet, thanks to the family of double decathlon, I improved my language skills and met some amazing people from around the world. In conclusion, I want tell to the readers continue the sport with fair play and passion. The war is not on a stadium. In athletics, we don’t run against an opponent, but with an athlete, who shares the same passion.


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