Dennis Coehoorn

Name: Dennis Coehoorn
Date of birth: 27-09-1992
Work: Student Crime Science, and youth trainer at my athletics club
Country: Netherlands
Weight: 63 Kg (140 lbs)
Lenght: 1.74 m (5`8,5“)
Favourite discipline: Decathlon, but pole vault as individual event
Hobbies: Athletics, photography and wakeboarding
Favourite food: Pizza Hawaii and Pilaf


  • How did you get in contact with the world of Ultra-Multievents and did you ever hear of the Double Decathlon before?

No, this double decathlon is my first experience with Ultra-multievents. An other participant (Ronald Kuin) said he was going to participate in a double decathlon in august 2011. This made me curious because I never heard of it before, so I checked out the website. After that, I almost immediately subscribed!


  • What is your most beautiful sport moment?

Every time I score a personal best is a great moment, but the most beautiful one was in September 2007, when I was second at the Dutch championships pole vaulting for my age. Also beautiful moments are when my pupils get a new personal best, and have a big smile on their face.

  • Your personal best on the decathlon is 5408 points. Do you think you can almost reach your own personal bests on the decathlon in the Double Decathlon?

I think it would be possible on the technical events and the 100m. For a PB on the 400m, 110mh and the 1500m is a double decathlon to exhausting. The 100m is the first event, so my energy level is still at a 100%. And I think it doesn`t matter for the technical events how tired you are, the performances are more depending on your ‘flow’ that day. A new personal best on the decathlon wouldn`t be possible (although, I hope it will!).

  • At the end of August you are going to participate the Avery Dennison World Championships Ultra-Multievents. Why has the double decathlon always be a dream of you?

Haha, well, to be honest, the double decathlon hasn`t always been a dream of me. As I said at the first question, I never heard of this event, before September last year. But when I heard about it, it became a dream! Most of all because there are just a few people on the world who ever participated in such an exhausting event, and I wanted to be one of them!

  • What do you expect of a Double Decathlon?

The first thing that came into my mind when I read this question was “A killing, exhausting, beautiful event!”.  I think that`s in a few words a description of a double decathlon. I do have to say ‘beautiful’ would be the biggest part. You`ll get a special bond with the other participants in two days.

  • Do you have any experience with the long distance events?

Yes, I do. But not that much. I`m actually an explosive athlete, so long distance events are quite hard for me. I also have to get my points from the technical events, to compensate my distances.

  • What is your goal for the weekend? A medal in the Junior category? The Dutch Junior record of 9870 points? You are one of the favourites!

First place, of course! J But I`m not sure what my opponents can do. I`m sure that Bart (van der Pasch) can reach 10.000 points. But he`s not the only opponent, there are 5 juniors, so a medal and 10.000 points would be great!

  • How are you going to prepare yourself for this difficult event?

That`s a hard question. I don`t think I`ll do some special preparations. I`ll just keep training the way I do for the decathlon right now. That doesn`t include so much running, but I think (and hope) my condition is good enough. Haha!

  • What do you think of the future of the Double Decathlon? Will it grow more and more or will it stay at this level?

I think it will definitely grow more. It will grow especially in Holland, now we have this World Championship. I also think it will grow more in Europe, because we have the ‘real’ Ultra-multievents countries over here. The rest of the world will come, but that might take some time…

  • Do you think the Double Decathlon is more sensitive for getting injuries than other athletic events?

Absolutely! I don`t want to be pessimistic, but I think everyone has to be careful with him/herself. Most of the people (including myself) aren`t used to such events.

  • Do you have any recommendations for the organization of the World Championships 2011 in Lisse?

Not right now, I`m sorry! But when I`ll get up with one, I`ll tell you!

  • What is the last thing you want to tell to all the readers of this interview?

Good luck with your preparations, and try to keep free of injuries! Hope to see you all in august!



  1. Nice interview Dennis. I wish you all the best in your first double decathlon. But I can only tell you from my own experience to train for those running events. It pays off: not only you gain more points, but even much more important…you recover better! The longer distances will also make your technical and short distance events worse if you get too tired from them.
    You really need good longer distances on top of your personal best in the decathlon to have any chance of 10.000 points. For example, a 5000 metres in 19:00 or more would most probably not be enough and if 19:00 is a time you would have to work for, you will feel it in the remaining part of the DD.

    I underestimated the effect of the running events in my first DD and I knew it: cramps, a very bad 800 (2:39) because the 5000 (in that year 18:15 I believe) hurt too much. The next year I ran 3 times a much and my result was much better and no cramps at all (not trying to scare anyone here, I may be sensitive to cramps when I get exhausted ;-)).

    Good luck on the preparation. Looking forward tot it.


    • Hi Toine,

      Thanks! Your respons talked me into a little different preparation 🙂
      I think I`ll start doing more runningtraining after my last decathlon this year. This is my last year as a junior, so I want to get my decathlon-score as high as possible. After that, I`ve got 1,5 month to train my condition. Should be enough, right?


  2. Hi Dennis,

    I know, it is hard to combine a Double Decathlon in a year together with your specialty. I always specialize on the 400 metres hurdles until or around the Dutch Championships and then I start specific DD preparation. So far that was for Delft, which is a month extra. I always found these 2,5 months pretty much enough to prepare myself for the longer distances and the volume (but I run longer distances in other parts of the year also). This year I have a month less because Lisse will be in August already :-/. 1,5 month is not much, but you can very well improve in that period. “Sad” thing is our body needs recovery, especially from things we are not used to ;-)… The last week before the event is relaxing time. No hard trainings (again one week less ;-)).

    Good luck on the normal Decathlon and enjoy it. It will never feel the same after you finish your first Double Decathlon!


  3. Good interview, I have completed a couple of double decathlons (…in 2004!) and my best score is 11025. My advice, from experience is to score well in the first 5 events and then relax and enjoy each event. After that pyhiscal endurance is improtant and technique on the field events.

    My best advice is too not over think the events as mental fatigue will start to effect your performance(s). Enjoy the atmoshpere and the events just fly bye!

    Double decathlon is very special and all participants bond in the joy of completing the challenge. Best of luck everyone.

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