Hans Koops

Name: Hans Koops
Date of birth: 20 March 1987
Work: Student at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, Trainer/coach at Av Jahn 2
Country: The Netherlands
Weight: 81kg
Lenght: 200cm
Favorite discipline: Highjump (PB=1.94)
Hobbies: Atletics, Reading, Gaming
Favorite food: Home Made Lasagna
Email: martinandhans@gmail.com

  • How did you get in contact with the world of ultra multi-events and did you ever hear before of the Double Decathlon?
    I never heard of this event before. One of my trainers in Drachten, had the flyers of this competition and he was just joking around like: Hey Hans this is an event for you. And I looked at it and thought: Yeah that sounds cool.  So that’s how I came in contact with this event.
  • Together with Martin Meijer, you developed an additional social objective for this event, related to a hospital for children. Can you explain something more about it?
    Yes, when I subscribed myself I asked around at the club who also wants to participate in this event and Martin also wanted to. A few days later we talked with each other and were both thinking , this is an unique event, so how can we make our participation even more meaningful? And then we came with the idea to raise money for the Children Department at our Hospital in Stadskanaal. The Hospital is going to use the raised money to renew the play room for the kids so they can sometimes forget that they are ill and can just play around.
  • Is there already progress in your project? Have you already found sponsors?
    At this moment we are making a new website for our club. At this website we also have our own page for this WC participation. When this is done we can go look for sponsors and people who also want to support this action. We are also going to have some manifestations at the city centre: like Jumping clinics for all people and also shot put. Also the newspapers are going to get informed about this goal to get more promotion for our support action.
  • Is there any way the organization or the participating athletes can support Martins and yours project?
    Only by giving attention to this goal and ask people to also donate a small gift is more than enough. Every little bit of money can be used to improve the playing room for the kids.
  • Can you tell us something about the developments of athletics in the Northern part of Holland?
    If I am honest I think that the development in the Northern part of Holland is running behind on the other parts of Holland. I think this is because there are less clubs in this part of Holland and also the driving distances to specialization groups is always pretty long. At this moment the best place to train on high level is in the middle and in the southern part of Holland. So for young talents in the northern part this is a pretty big issue, they don’t always have the possibility to move to a better location due school or just because of the work of their parents.  


  • What do you expect of a Double Decathlon?
    I don’t really know what to expect. It definitely is going to be a hard competition only to keep up all the 20 disciplines and making my way to the last 10km. but I am sure it is an great match where you don’t only compete with each other but also helping each other to for fill this ultimate athletics endurance test. By saying this I must say that my only goal for this year is to finish this event and raising as much money as possible for the children department.
  • How are you going to prepare yourself for this strong event?
    Well because of the variety of different disciplines made Martin and I to train by an week schedule. At this moment we have  6 training moments and trying to do a lot of different things (this also includes fitness and my own regional high jump training) and we are going to increase the intensity in the upcoming weeks. We also are going to visit different matches, where we are going  to test our selves at disciplines we normally never do. Our last test shall be the normal Decathlon on the 9th and 10th of july in Stadskanaal by saying this you are all invited to participate here also.

  • Did you have any recommendation for the organization of the World Championships 2011 in Lisse?
    I don’t really know if every club in Holland knows that this great event is going to take place in Lisse. So maybe it is an idea to send a mail or a letter to all the clubs, to get supporters and maybe more female participants.
  • What is the last thing you want to tell to all the readers of this interview?
    I really hope that all the readers are interested in this event and would make time to come and see the athletes giving their very best in Lisse. Also if you are more curious about Martins and mine Fund raising for the Children department of the Hospital in Stadskanaal, or just want to make an donation then you can contact us on: martinandhans@gmail.com . Hope to see you all There on the 20th and 21th of August!


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