Joan Estruch

Name: Joan Estruch
Date of birth: 23-03-1984
Country: Spain
Personal best Decathlon: 7159

• How did you get in contact with the world of ultra multi-events and did you ever hear before of the Double Decathlon?
The first time I heard about the Double Decathlon was with Jose Antonio Ureña, Eusebio Caceres’s personal trainer (WRJ in heptathlon with 5.984 points and ERJ in Long Jump 8.27). We were in a heptathlon race and since he told me, always I wanted to participate in one. With some luck, next August I could debut in this great discipline finally!!

• What is your most beautiful sport moment?
As time pass and you are aware about how difficult is to obtain good results in athletics, each time I have a better memory when I went to Under-17 World Championship in Debrecen, in 2001. It was a beautiful experience. At absolute level, I have a great memory about when I won my first medal in a National Championship Indoor, in 2008, when I made 5.600 points.

• Your personal best on the decathlon is 7159 points. Do you think you can beat your own personal record on the decathlon next year?
I see difficult beat down my mark in decathlon, because I have in mind other things. In the course of my sport life I suffered many injuries and these discouraged me so much. The last one was in April, I broke the meniscus on my left knee, where previously I had broken the ligaments. And that injury leaved me emotionally very bad. I took the decision to give up the athletics and never train again!! At the end, I decided to train a year more without pressure. Now my main objective is, only, train, compete and have fun!! And if I beat my PB, awesome!!

• At the end of August you are going to participate a Double Decathlon. Why has the double decathlon always be a dream of you?
Double Decathlon is like a dream for me because I love all athletic events. Maybe my favorite race is 3.000 steeplechases and since I was child I wanted to participate in one, but never I tried as I will be shy about my mark, jajaja. For that reason, compete with Simon Vroemen it will be a real pleasure.

• What do you expect of a Double Decathlon?
In first place, I hope to finish it! After that, as I said, enjoy the competition. If you enjoy it, the results come alone.

• Did you have any experience with the long distance events?
In track, I have competed just in decathlon 1.500. I made popular races of 10km maximum. In addition, in preseason I have been running for around one hour, not more. So, no… I don’t have too much experience!!

• You have seen the World Records on the internet. Do you think you can beat one of them, and which?
Yes, I saw the records because I love statistics. With a little bit of luck, and if I still breathing after the first day, maybe I can beat the 110 hurdles. I have 14.16 as PB and 14.28 in decathlon. With my rival’s permission in Lisse, I think that I could improve this 14.96 of Indrek Kasoerg. Also, it would be a pleasure to snatch a record to Indrek.

What is your goal for the weekend? A medal on the Double Decathlon?
My main goal is make the Spanish Record (no one before has made it in Spain, jajaja). Achieve a medal will not depend of me, but the rivals in the event. I will give 100% and if I obtain a medal, even better.

• You are the first Spanish athlete that ever participates in the Double Decathlon. Why is the Double Decathlon not as popular in Spain as in other countries?
In Spain the combined events  are not very important. For example, now in Spain we have Eusebio Caceres, he has 8.27 in long jump  being junior, which is European Record. But he has the World Record in Heptathlon as well!! Anyway, people do not see well that he participate in combined events. To everyone that I said that I will do a Double Decathlon, tells me that I am crazy. In Spain the people prefers to be dedicated to just one event, everything is more easy.

• How are you going to prepare yourself for this strong event?
I am already training decathlon. The other events (triple jump, obstacles, hammer trow, …) I will train less or when I finish the season. In other words, it will be so funny!!

• What do you think is the best way to supply your body with food and nutrients in this long weekend?

Well, in my opinion the best is hydrating you a lot during all the weekend. As well to eat some fruit and energetic bars will be good.

• What do you think of the future of the Double Decathlon? Will it grow more and more or will it stay at this level?
I think that if an athlete with more than 8.000 points tries to do a Double Decathlon, it will raise the popularity. It is just necessary that a big star do one. However, Joe Detmer’s WR of 14.571 is a great mark, with the 7.741 points in decathlon that record is very very good. It is at a great level and each time the marks are more and more difficult. The problem is that is not an official event, which means that never could compete with other events.

• Do you think the Double Decathlon is more sensitive for getting injuries than other athletic events?
Athletics in general is a sport so prone to injuries. If you do any event at maximum effort is very easy to have damage. The big deal with Double Decathlon is that are many disciplines and you can have a injury at any part of your body. A thrower will damage his arm and a runner, the legs, for example. In Double Decathlon, the risk is for all the body.

• Did you have any recommendations for the organization of the World Championships 2011 in Lisse?
Probably I cannot give any recommendation, because my experience organizing competitions is null. Anyhow, I am sure that everything will be perfect and you will do amazing!!

• What is the last thing you want to tell to all the readers of this interview?
I would like to say that I am so grateful with the treat received from Jeroen. I feel so glad to be interviewed in spite of I never done a Double Decathlon. I am anxious that August comes to know you all and enjoy of this great competition, I am sure that everything will go fine.


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