National Students Championships

National Students Championships


Last week the National Students Championships were held in Groningen. A lot of Ultra-Multievents athletes were present and achieved great results. Some of them even gain a medal, like Ronald Kuin (2), Joey Blangé, Joni van Loon, Dennis Coehoorn, Ruud van Noort (2) and Myrthe Muilwijk. Even Cedric Bouele was on the track to encourage the athletes. To see all the results of the athletes participating in Lisse, click here.


2. Dennis Coehoorn, Pole Vault, 4.00
2. Ruud van Noort, Shot Put, 12,53
2. Ruud van Noort, Discus Throw, 43.02
2. Ronald Kuin, 400m, 51.14
2. Ronald Kuin, 800m, 1.56,30
3. Mirthe Muilwijk, High Jump, 1.50
3. Joni van Loon, Triple Jump, 12.73
4. Hans Koops, High Jump, 1.90
4. Ronald Kuin, Pole Vault, 3.45
4. Joni van Loon, 110h, 17.64
4. Joni van Loon, Hammer Throw, 24.64
4. Kitty van Berkel, 100h, 18.06
5. Hans Koops, Triple Jump, 12.48
5. Hans Koops, Hammer Throw, 22.00
6. Joni van Loon, 3000S, 11.15,65
6. Joni van Loon, High Jump, 1.80
7. Joni van Loon, Pole Vault, 3.15
8. Erwin Sneek, 800m, 2.02,33
10. Jeroen Habers, Javelin Throw, 39.96
11. Mirthe Muilwijk, 800m, 2.48,88
12. Kitty van Berkel, Discus Throw, 26.88
12. Mirthe Muilwijk, 1500m, 5.49,04
13. Mirthe Muilwijk, Shot Put, 8.19



  1. Three little changes:

    4. Ronald Kuin, pole vault, 3.45m (instead of 3.40)
    2. Ronald Kuin, 400m, 51.14 (instead of 15.14)
    2. Dennis Coehoorn, pole vault, 4.00m (instead of 2.00)

  2. True! Thank you for your changes Dennis:)

  3. and i was 3th with highjumping, less errors and a mistake on the website;) got the medal at home

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