Participants lists:

Men Athletes (4 groups):

Woman athletes (1 group)

Updated till August, 18

Entry fee:

All the participants have to pay the entry fee of € 50 before May 6, 2011. If payment is not received at May 6, 2011, you will be put on the bottom of the waiting list and the first person of the waiting list will be allowed to participate. On internet we will regularly publish an updated list of received payments so you can check if your payment came true ( = paid). If you are not able to participate because of injuries you get a € 25 refund of your entry fee if your cancellation is before July 1, 2011. Please be as fast as possible with cancellation so we can inform the first person on the waiting list.

Bank account
Rabobank IBAN: NL20 RABO 0122 9256 61
ACCOUNT: 1229.25.661
HOLDER: Atletiekvereniging De Spartaan

Please put your name and the word ‘Decathlon‘ as description of your payment. For questions, please contact


The registration is not closed at this moment but the new subscriptions will be put at the bottom of the waitinglist. Woman athletes can participate until we reach the allowed number of 24 athletes. Athletes of each level can subscribe and participate if there is enough place. Participants must be 18 years or older on August 20, 2011.

To subscribe please send an email to with at least the following information:

–          First name and surname
–          Date of birth
–          Country
–          Email address
–          T-shirt size (S, M, L, XL, XXL)



  1. Hi everybody,
    I thought I will be the first one to answer, how is the winter going on for all the competitors?? There are a lot of competitors allready:), that is very good.

    I wish everybody en good 2011
    Train Hard, Win Easy:)
    hope to see you all in august.

    greetings Joni

  2. Hi Joni,
    Hello everybody !
    I wish you a Happy New Year 2011 with a lot of fun on the tracks. Run, jump and throw always with a smile 🙂

    Best wishes

  3. Hi Cédric,

    to bad you quit double decathlon, because I want a remach:P,
    It’s fun to see pictures of all the seasons, and it makes me feel warm, because Double Decathlon is for me the most fine way (hard ass well) to compete.

    hope to see you again some day


  4. Ciao to everybody . . here is Matteo from Italy . . I want to say : ” have a good training and a nice time before Lisse ” . . and unfortunally my friend Massimiliano Salvi will be unable to come !
    It’s ok to write here about him ?
    All the best and I’ll see you soon !!


  5. Hi Matteo,

    It’s ok. I will remove your friend of the participants list.

    Bye Jeroen

  6. Hi Jeroen,

    we are very proud to take place on this great event. This will be our second time in netherlands, so we are happy to see the friendly people and all the competitors:), again.

    It will be a great and very hard competition so we force training.

    Have a good time, Georg and Arne

  7. Hi Jeroen,

    For all the Dutch participants it might be usefull to adress the holder of
    the bank account. Is this ‘av De Spartaan’ or otherwise?
    You best publish this on the website for all domestic payments.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Dirk-Jan,

      The holder of the bankaccount is: Atletiekvereniging De Spartaan.
      Thank you for your attention.

      Jeroen Habers

  8. Some results of the Dutch Senior athletes on the National competition:

    Daan Crombach: 5000m: 20.15
    Joey Blangé: TJ: 13.29, LJ: 5.73
    Erwin Sneek: 800m: 2.02
    Jeroen Habers: 5000m: 17.43
    Mathijs Beerepoot: 200m: 23,77 110mh: 16,62
    Anner Kroon: JT: 47,62
    Marijn Wouters: 800m: 2.00

    Ruud van Noort: PV: 3,40, SP: 12.62
    Joni van Loon: 110mh: 17,43, TJ: 11,54
    Ronald Kuin: 110mh: 17,34, TJ: 12,54
    Hans Koops: 800m: 2.14, HJ: 1.85
    Lukas van der Storm: 800m: 1.59, TJ: 12.25
    Berry Koolstra: TJ: 11.75
    Marc Lommert: 200m: 23,39
    Ralph Jacobs: 400m: 54,24, HJ: 1,95
    Johan Hack: 400m: 58,85, 800m: 2.24
    Marius van Prooijen: HJ: 1,65, LJ: 5.82
    Thijs Ros: TJ: 12.64, PV: 4.00
    Alexander Oldenmenger: 110mh: 17,79, SP: 12.57

  9. All, I am really sorry to say I am not going to compete on the WC in Lisse. I had a preparation which was by far not good enough and I am giving priority to the 400 metres hurdles on which I came so close to the very old Dutch record for men 40+, but still did not run it. Added to an injury month May and half of June of which I still feel some reaction after every competition, I decided to cancel the DD for this year.

    On one hand I hate it because the DD has become one of my regular competitions every year since 2002 (I finished 7 so far) and a WC in my own country is a great opportunity, but I cannot just do one without preparation which is at least 50% of my fun. The risk of getting injured again and not having tried the 400 metres hurdles in the second part of this year (will have to go to Belgium for at least a few of them) is not worth it.

    I wish everybody a splendid event, I am sure the organization is doing a great job and I still hope to be able to do a DD again in the upcoming years.


    • Hey Toine,

      A real pity to hear this, you know how much I would have liked to compete against (with!) you once again. But at the same time very understandable. Good luck with the chase after the 400m hurdles record. Can we still expect you as a supporter in Lisse?


  10. Will the website be updated during the competition with scores and position etc, so that firends can follow progress?

    • Of course the website will be updated during the competition:)!

      • thanks, I thought that would be the answer! 🙂

        a live scoreboard…(or almost live scores), I will send a link to this website to my friends and family to follow the competition then.

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