Reinhardt Engert

Name: Reinhardt Engert
Date of birth: 13.06.1950
Work: Dipl.-Ing. Maschine Tools
Country: Germany
Weight: 63 kg
Lenght: 1,75 m
Best Double Decathlon performance: Löwenberg (DE) 2010, 8175 points
Amount of Double Decathlon’s ever participated: 5 x double decathlon, 1 x one day double decathlon
Best Double Decathlon discipline: 800m, 1 500m, 3 000m, 5 000m, 10 000m, 3 000m steaplechase
Hobbies: foto, film, growing rabbits, riding motorbike, duathlon, triathlon, x-terra, ski alpin, ski cross country, dog racing with ski, running between 10 000m and marathon
Favorite food: fruits, vegetables, meat from my rabbits, 3 month prior to a big performance I take foodstuffs from FIT LINE ( you can see it under””)

  • When and where did you participate in your first Double Decathlon and how did you get in contact with the world of ultra multievents?

I first time participated in a  Double Decathlon in Löwenberg (DE) 2007. At this event I was running all distances between 800m and 10 000m together with Cedric Boule. He is verry much younger than me, but we have been a good team helping each other on the track and have been really fast. After the race we met and spoke together and Cedric told me something about ultra multievents. This was interesting to me and I did read in Internet about IAUM.

  • What is your most beautiful Double Decathlon experience?

My most beautiful Double decathlon was in Delft 2009. It was 4 weeks after the athletics world championships of age groupers in Lathi. There I took part in decathlon, 800m, 1500m, 5 000m, 10 000m and 3 000m steaplechase. In Decathlon I was running the best result in age group 55 with 5:11,77 minutes and 847 points. Behind this world championship I had a verry good physical condition and I was running in Delft about 10 000m my best time in Double Decathlon with 39:53,3 minutes and 916 points. This was most of points of all competitors. In Delft the weather and the publicum was fantastic.

  • Which person is most important for your Double Decathlon career, and why?

My career in Double Decathlon is very short. Only 3 and a half years. But in this time I met a lot  of strong athlets all over the world. I admire every finisher in Double Decathlon. But most important for me is Risto Kaaristo. He is the founder of this event and one of the oldest and most successful in every cathegorie of age groupers. I learned a lot of “how to” from him. Cederic Boule did a good job in the website of  Double Decathlon. It is very important and interesting, to see all historic till current results of double Decathlon. 2010 I started in USA in world championship of Double Decathlon. I met Brant Tolsma and Joe Detmer personally. This two athlets have shown amazing results. I have done a filmstrip of them and  Ithink we can learn a lot  from  them abot this ultra multievents.

  • You also compete in Wintertriathlons and other extreme events. Can you tell the readers of this interview anything about it?

Many years ago I was begining with triathlon. In GDR (former east germany) I  organized the first Iron Man with my friends. It was not official, because this sport was born in USA and not allowed in the socialist countries. After 1989 I participated on some triathlons in short and middle distances. But I am a bad swimmer. For beeing successful in triathlon, you have to control swimming, the bike and running. But in wintertriathlon I am perfect in all categories, run, bike and ski. The last category is ski in free style. Five times I started in the world championchip in cross country skiing and was on start in worldloppet. An example here are the  wasa loppet in Sweden and in switzerland engadine ski marathon. That’s why I participated my first wintertriathlon in 2005 in Germany in Schwarzwald. This was European Championship and I was winning the bronze medaille. Next event in the same year was world championchip in Slovakia in Strbske Pleso and I did win the  bronze medaille once more. From this time I began with training on bike and ski. In every competition after the running part I had a good position. On bike some competitors were better and I lost 1 or 2 minutes. But on ski I got to win a medaille in nearly every event. I was world champion, european champion and german champion. I got win 8 international medailles. An other extrem event is the International Runners Decathlon. You have to run 10 disziplines from 60 m to 10 000m in 4 days. 2010 I did win  gold  in Tschechia. 2008 I was in Sampere/Italy. It was Limit Ski Run and a special event with ski alpin (super G), ski cross country and running in deep snow. I did win the masters class.  I tok part on world championship in Duathlon in Horst an de Maas in Netherlands. After run I was the first. On the bike I had a defect tire and I got the finish on place 6.

  • You participate in the category M60+ in Lisse. Until which age do you think you are able to do Double Decathlon events?

When my body is ok and I have fun while training and competition, I can participate every kind of my sport hopefully for a very long time. But I know, tomorrow can be the end. Double Decathlon is very strong and versatile. I will leave it, when I see myself impossble to finish.

  • In April you are going to do the Indoor Tetradecathlon. What do you expect of this match? How much times did you participate an Indoor Tetradecathlon?

It will be my first Indoor Tetradecathlon. I don’t have any experience. But I hope, that I am in  good condition and I am healty. I hope to be a finisher and I will try a new world record about 5 000 m.

  • What do you think of the World Championships 2011 in Lisse  and do you have some recommendations for the organisors?

I think, the world Championchip in Lisse 2011 will be an important and great event. The participants are the best athlets on earth. I hope to enjoy  this competition und wish organizers and competitors all possible success and fun.

  • What do you think of the future of the Double Decathlon? Will it grow more and more or will it stay at this level?

I think and hope, that Double Decathlon has a big future. In this moment more and more people are working in offices and do their jobs in sitting positions. They don’t move much the whole day. But it is very important to have a  body and spirit balance. If your body is ok, you can have a high quality of live, even when older. Double Decathlon is a combination of many disciplins and you have to train every muscle in your body.  You need concentration, power, endurance and speed. The motivation is, to be a finisher in a Double Decathlon. When we want such events to improve, It will  need big publicity in newspapers and television. I was speaking with a lot of friends about Double Decathlon. Their first reaction typicly was, you are grazzy and this is completely crazy anjd amazing, usually not having much or any info what it is.

  • Do you think the Double Decathlon is more sensitive forgetting injuries then other athletic events?

In every  sport you take a risk (no risk, no fun). If you go to start on a Double Decathlon, you need a long preperation in all 20 disciplins. After finishing it, you are an allrounder , being very versatile. I think, you are at more risk of injuries, when you are only a pure sprinter, jumber or thrower.

  • What is the last thing you want to tell to all the readers of this interview?

Find your limit an never give up! Have fun in your sporting live every day and have contact with people all over the world.


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